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Account for Data Management Platforms (DMP)

How it works
DMPs can earn on their data inside myTarget: upload different types of user lists to the system and then share it with myTarget customers.

You can set a fixed CPM for access to the audience segment or share it for free.

The fixed CPM is set by the data owner during the creation of the access key. If advertiser uses a paid segment when run ads, then an additional CPM is written off from advertiser's balance. Share of these charges is charging to the DMP account.

Statistics available by source and user.
DMP accounts can be from any country, but at the same time can only be legal entities and have only a ruble account.
How to start a data provider (DMP)
1. Register an account for Data management platforms (DMP).
2. Configure the data source for the segment.
3. Download audience segments in service myTarget.
4. Provide access to the audience segments to the end user or place the segment in the marketplace. To earn on your data, set a fixed CPM rate for using the segment.
5. Track your statistics.
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