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Marketplace — External Segments

DMP can earn on their segments within myTarget: load segments of different types into the myTarget marketplace and then share them with myTarget customers.
How to register account in the myTarget marketplace
To place a segment in the myTarget marketplace:

  1. Register with myTarget with a DMP account type.

  2. Fill out company information.

  3. After registration enter your account details on the "Billing" page: you will receive a commission on these details.

  4. Notify the support service that you want to get into the marketplace. Use the feedback form in your account or write to support_target@corp.my.com

  5. Details go to check.
How to place a segment
Create the segments you want to share. If you want to create a subcategory within a category, in the name of the segment use "/":

Youla Auto / Youla Auto - Cars from 0 to 300 thousand

The category "Youla Auto" will be displayed in the marketplace, the subcategory "Youla Auto - cars from 0 to 300 thousand":
DMP statistics
For better category output, we recommend not exceeding two levels of nesting.

Place a public segment:

  1. Select the list you want to publish in the marketplace.

  2. Choose a business model: provide a segment for free or for a fee — in this case, check "Fixed CPM" and enter the amount in rubles. The cost of using the segment will be added to the cost of the advertising campaign. When using multiple segments, their CPM will be summed up.

  3. Check that there is a checkmark "Place in the marketplace": lists that are granted access will fall into the marketplace. If the parameter is not active, then access to the segments will be according to the rules of general access (by key or link to an unlimited number of users).

  4. Leave the "Select recipients" field blank.

  5. Click "Generate Access Key". Public segments will be available to advertisers in the marketplace.
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