VK Ads takes over agency account functions.
Your client accounts on myTarget will remain fully functional.

For more information regarding connecting and setting up the VK Ads account, see the help, or if you still have questions, contact the support team at caresupport@vk.company.
How to connect VK ID

VK ID is a single account for logging in to VK products, websites and partner apps. It gives you the ability to edit personal and contact information, manage services and sessions, as well as payment tools and subscriptions.

We recommend using your VK ID to register and log in to the account.
If you don't have a VK ID yet, you can open one at https://id.vk.com/
To connect VK ID to your advertising account:

1. Open "Profile" → "Contact Information" → "Connect VK ID".
2. The VK ID authorisation form will open. Enter the phone number to which your VK ID is registered and the password from your VK ID account.
3. After authorisation VK ID will be linked to myTarget account.

One VK ID can be connected to several accounts.
If you have difficulties logging in or need to change your authorisation method, please contact the support team at support_target@corp.my.com
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