VK Ads takes over agency account functions.
Your client accounts on myTarget will remain fully functional.

For more information regarding connecting and setting up the VK Ads account, see the help, or if you still have questions, contact the support team at caresupport@vk.company.
Client account management

How to add a client
You can add a new client through an agency account or through a client account.

Through the agency account. To add a new client, go to the "Client List" tab → "Add Client" and enter a name. In the "Description" field, you can enter any comment or leave a note about the client. The system will assign the client an identifier that ends in @agency_client.

Then select the type of contract with the client (individual or legal entity) and fill in the details of the client. This is necessary to comply with the law "On Advertising" - marking and transferring information about advertising campaigns to the Unified Internet Advertising Register (ERIR).

Through a client account. Log into the client account, menu "Profile" → "Settings" → "Join agency". Enter the login name of your agency and click "Join".

If the client is already working with myTarget, it is impossible to attach it to the agency: you can only add an account where the billing details were not filled out and there were no financial transactions. Register a new client account.
How to find out which manager a client is attached to
To find out which manager the client is attached to, on the "Permissions" tab, enable sorting by clients and find it in the list or use the filter on the list of clients.
How to edit customer data
On the "Client List" page, find the client whose data you want to edit, click. You can change the mail, client name and description.
Permissions of the client
Clients of the Agency can have different levels of access to their own account.

Access levels

The "Read only" right allows client to see their campaigns and statistics in their account, but not allows them to edit them.

The right "Creating and editing campaigns" allows client to view and edit their campaigns: create and edit campaigns, stop, start, change the rate.

The "Access to the account" right is the client's full access to the balance. Client with this right can view the balance and payment documents.
About manager's permissions to the client account, read the article.

Edit access rights

To edit the client's access rights to account, in the Agency account click the tab "Clients" → "Permissions". Select "Sort by client" and click on the "Edit" button next to the desired customer.
Setting access rights of the client
Select the rights you want and click "Save".
Setting access rights of the client
How to remove a client
You can remove a client only through an agency account. On the "Client List" page, find the client you want to delete, click and "Delete Client".
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