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Integration of myTarget with adjust tracker

How to integrate myTarget with adjust

Setup of integration is made in the section Dashboard of the adjust service.

1. Go to Partner Setup → Add Partners → MyTarget
2. Activate the myTarget module using the switch. After activation, adjust will automatically transfer the data about attributed conversions to myTarget.
3. Create a tracker for myTarget and generate a link to use it in myTarget advertising.

If you have a multiplatform application, we advise you to register redirects for each platform via the parameter in the URL, in order to exclude the JS redirect. Example:


4. Mark the link with macros to get more information about users, according to the instructions.

Link Template:
Detailed information on tracker configuration can be found in the adjust documentation.

How to set up in-app events

Select "Event Linking" and enter a name or select a label in the drop-down menu for each event you want to send to myTarget.

If you use the same name for multiple events, they will appear in the myTarget statistics as one type of event.

How to set up the transfer of the Revenue parameter

Select "Event Linking" and for the event you want to send to myTarget, select "Purchase" from the drop-down menu.

If you use the same name for multiple events, they will appear in the myTarget statistics as one type of event.

How to configure displaying of events in the myTarget account

To see events from the mobile tracker in your account in myTarget, connect the application. Follow the instructions

After connecting the mobile tracker and setting up access to the application, we recommend setting up the transfer of events and their values from your tracker to myTarget and enable postview conversion attribution. Checklist effective application settings
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