Data source: Groups OK and VK

You can use groups in "Odnoklassniki" and "Vkontakte" as a data source. We combined the search and the table, so that all data on groups and thematics is available in one section. This is convenient if you want to target people from both social networks at the same time.

To target users who are members of social network groups:
  1. Add the groups you are interested in.
  2. Create an audience segment based on them. Configure it if necessary.
  3. Use the segment when creating a campaign.

Step 1. Adding a group

Open the "Audiences" tab → "Data Sources" → "Groups OK and VK".

To add it, start entering the name or subject of the group, such as "Auto".

In the drop-down list, you will see the appropriate thematics and groups in OK and VK.
You can select either specific groups or all groups with a specific thematics. In the directory of topics is not taken into account the commercial group.
Please note that only VK groups with at least 1000 members are shown in the search results.
Click "Show" to open the list and view all thematics or groups.

To add one or more thematics or groups, click on them in the list. To select all, click "Select all". The selected thematics and groups are highlighted in green.
Selecting groups to create a source
After you add the selected thematics and groups, they will appear in the table.

The "Type" column indicates which social network the group belongs to.
The "Users" column indicates the number of users in the group.
In the "Segments" column — the number of segments in which the group is used as a data source.

To delete a group from your list, click the cross.
List of added groups and thematics

Step 2. Creating a segment

To use the selected groups, you must create a segment based on the source. To do this, open the "Audience" tab → "Segments List" and click "Create segment".

Click "Add Audience Segments": the list will show the segments and data sources that you added earlier. You can create new segments based on those that you already created.

Select one or more sources and click "Add segment". You can add or exclude users from the selected groups from the segment.
Adding a segment with groups in social networks
You can configure a created segment to meet certain criteria, such as showing ads only to users who belong to several groups at once. Learn more about configuring segments

Step 3. Campaign settings

Next, set up your ad campaign and select the created segment in the "Segments" section.
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