This information is partly outdated. Mobile app promotion now available via VK Ads

We have moved mobile app promotion to VK Ads, a platform with a case-proven efficiency where you can launch campaigns in five simple steps. Create account

Learn more about how to register and set up your VK Ads account by contacting your manager or our support team via
How to see your ad live

You can view active and moderated ads. To do this, on dashboard click on the title of the desired ad and the link "View the ad on the site." Confirm the transition to the site.
To see your ads on social networks, you must be registered in it for more than two weeks.

To see an ad from a remarketing campaign, you must visit at least one product from the campaign's product feed.
The ad you need will start showing to you within 10 minutes on the pages and apps of VK and the ad network. These can be social networks VKontakte / Odnoklassniki, VK projects (, and others), sites and applications of the advertising network. At the same time, all restrictions on gender, age, geography and others will be ignored.
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