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Multiformat (type: Images, objective: Premium Network Reach)

Device type: crossdevice format
Platform: VK projects, advertising network myTarget
Placement: native position, column, full-screen block

Banners are displayed on MRG' sites and on partner sites. Multi-format placement offers a combination of diverse targeting options and greater control of the sites on which ads are displayed.


  • The title should contain no more than 25 symbols, including spaces;
  • The text description should contain no more than 90 symbols, including spaces;
  • Long description — up to 220 characters (optional). This field was created for those who cannot describe the subject of advertising with text up to 90 characters and want to provide more details. The long description will be shown only in social network feeds (VKontakte and Odnoklassniki). If both fields are filled - text and long description - then a long description will always be displayed in social media feeds instead of a short one.
  • The images sizes: 256х256, 1080x607, 300х600, 600х600 pixels;
  • File format: JPG and PNG;
  • Maximum file size: 2 Mb;
  • Link: URL to an external resource
Example of Multiformat setting
An example of a short and long description
Read more about an advertising banner setting in the article


Advertisers can customize the list of sites on which their ads can appear.
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