How does targeting work on myTarget?

Advertisers use targeting options based on audience data from VKontakte / Odnoklassniki social networks. By the device/advertising ID that partners send to myTarget, we understand who this user is and what relevant advertising we can show him. For more information on the changes related to the release of iOS 14, read here.

Do I need to implement VK/OK login?

No, it is not required, but if you add login via social networks, it will increase the probability of selection of the most relevant ads to your users.

All you need to do is pass the myTarget device / advertising ID. Nothing beyond the steps outlined in the integration help is required.

For more information on the changes related to the release of iOS 14, read here.

What data do I need to pass to myTarget?

We need a device/advertising ID. You can also transmit gender and age to increase eCPM and Fill Rate. Please read the section on user data in the advertising format section.

For more information on the changes related to the release of iOS 14, read here.

What eCPMs and Fill rates can I expect?

These metrics depend on a combination of factors:
  • your audience,
  • advertisers suitable for your audience,
  • implementation of advertising formats in your applications, etc.
We also recommend separating Russia and the CIS into a separate waterfall, so the eCPM and Fillrate metrics will be cleaner. If this is not possible, please, before analyzing the ad unit occupancy rate, pay attention to the report by GEO.

You can find more information about statistics and reports here.

What ad formats do you support?

We support all the most popular formats:
  • banners 320x50,
  • banners 300x250,
  • fullscreen interstitial,
  • rewarded video,
  • native advertising,
  • native banners,
  • in-stream video,
  • in-stream audio.

You can find documentation on formats here:

Do I have control over ads you send?

Yes, there are filters in the office at the site/app level by which you can block unwanted ads and/or blacklist the advertiser. You can also block a certain category of advertisers, but we do not recommend using this filter, since by blocking an entire category, you can significantly reduce your income.

All advertisements and advertisers of the network are pre-moderated, just like advertisements in social networks VKontakte and Odnoklassniki.

Filters are available via the "Edit" button at the site/app level.

Can I integrate myTarget with my mediation system?

Yes, we are available in the following mediation:
  • ironSource
  • MAX
  • Admob
  • Appodeal
  • Google ad manager
  • Yandex mobile mediation
You can read more about the compatibility of adapters and the myTarget SDK here.

What GEO can I monetize?

Yes, but we focus on countries where we have enough user data to provide partners with competitive eCPMs. At the moment, these are Russia and the CIS countries.

Do you have reporting API?

Yes, the description is available here.

We also have a Management API, a description is available here.

How can I advertise my apps with myTarget?

Yes, we have User Acquisition tools. To do this, you need to create an additional account and register as an advertiser.

You can read more about working with the advertiser's account here.

How can I test the integration?

1. Make sure the site/app has been moderated. The indicator next to the name of the site/app should be green.

2. Make sure that you have filled in the financial details in your account: until the data is filled in, the advertisement will be shown in test mode without reward.

3. Make sure you are using the correct mediation ID. In most cases you will need a slot ID, but in some cases you may need a placement ID as well.

4. Make sure you have selected the correct type of integration:
  • SDK / javascript - only for integration via SDK
  • in-app bidding - only for participation in the auction
Otherwise, ads will not be shown!

5. Test your ad before release with one of the following options:

Does myTarget support Unity?

Yes, we support Unity. Detailed documentation is here.

I cannot receive ads from myTarget – callback "onNoAd". How can I fix it?

There may be no advertising for several reasons:
  • The user has never logged into VKontakte/Odnoklassniki from his mobile device.
  • The user has disabled interest-based ads in their phone settings.
  • We do not have any suitable advertisements for this user.

Does my income depend on impressions or clicks?

Both statements are correct. We have advertising campaigns with different payment models: CPC, CPM, CPI, CPA, oCPM. Our algorithm automatically selects the most optimal advertising for your users and the most profitable, from a financial point of view, advertising for you.

How to receive live ad?

We only serve ads to users in Russia and the CIS. Ads are matched by advertising ID, so our social network application must be installed on your phone.

Step-by-step instruction:
1. Download the Odnoklassniki mobile application
2. Register and indicate age 18+

3. Download VPN app with Russia in the list of available countries. Examples:
4. Start a VPN connection to Russia.

5. Launch the Odnoklassniki application and scroll through the feed until an advertising banner appears.

How to improve metrics in a waterfall?

  • First of all, estimate the average amount of traffic per day. If you have more than 1.5 million requests for a format, feel free to make three or more calls. If you have less than 1.5 million requests per day, you may need to limit yourself to 2-3 calls.

  • Estimate the level of the fillrate indicator, if the indicator is critically low, it may be worth lowering the threshold value. And vice versa: if the indicator is too high, then there is the potential to earn more if the threshold value is slightly increased.

  • Select Russia and the CIS as a separate waterfall.

Do we need to sign a contract?

Not. By creating an account at target.my.com, you automatically agree to our offer and terms of work.

What do I need to withdraw money?

To withdraw funds, send a request with the amount for withdrawal in the "Billing → Withdrawals" tab, after which we will generate an invoice for payment. You will need to download the invoice, check all the data, assign a number (any value from your side), date, sign and attach a scan of the document in the appropriate window in the "Billing" tab.

Why did my income drop?

Seasonality may be one of the reasons for the drop.

Typically, network drops are observed in the first week of each month, the first couple of weeks of a new quarter, and the largest drop is always observed in the first month of a new calendar year.

Seasonality is directly related to advertisers and the establishment of advertising campaigns, therefore, a decrease in income occurs, in particular, due to a decrease in the market value of an impression, that is, CPM.

We advise you to prepare for seasonal changes in advance, for example, in the last days of December, reduce thresholds by 30-40%.

How to test advertising?

There are two ways to test ad formats:

Can I change the currency of the dashboard?

No. To change the currency, you need to create a new account and select a new currency when setting up. The entire monetization history will be saved in the old account; transferring history to a new account with a different currency is impossible.

Important: the currency of the dashboard must match the currency in which payments are made.
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