Google AdMob/Ad Manager reporting setup

Ad Network Optimization Setup for Google Admob

myTarget is available for Ad Network Optimization (ANO) in Admob. ANO automatically generates waterfall that sends an ad requests to the ad network with the highest eCPM. The waterfall re-calculation is based on the stats from each ad source.

To set up myTarget for ANO you need to fill in a PERMANENT access token.
ANO settings
Read here how to get token for Google AdMob/Ad Manager.

Please note that Ad network optimization takes a few days to gather enough data to accurately calculate eCPM for a mediation network. In the meantime, the ANO status will be PENDING, so you must manually set an eCPM value for the network. Once the eCPM can be calculated, ANO will automatically start updating the eCPM on your behalf.

Setup for Google Ad Manager is similar to Google AdMob

Setting up Google Ad Manager is similar to setting up AdMob.

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