iOS SDK: Version history

Current version of the SDK is available for download via the link
5.21.4 (22.05.2024)
Support for cta link
Minor improvements and fixes

5.21.3 (16.05.2024)
Support for disclaimer category
Added getting information about inability to show fullscreen banners
Minor improvements and fixes

5.21.2 (19.04.2024)
Added Privacy Manifest.
Improved error handling.
Added protocol for mediation adapters.
Minor improvements and fixes.

5.21.1 (20.03.2024)
Detailed bugs in Instream audio.
Minor improvements and fixes.

5.21.0 (13.02.2024)
Optimised loading of media files for native ads. Added re-upload options and timeout settings.

5.20.2 (06.02.2024)
Supported adDisclaimer, adAgeRestriction and recommendationInfo in VAST ads
Fixed bugs

5.20.1 (19.12.2023)
Fixed issue with parsing of statistics banner in instreamAudio and instreamVideo ads
Fixed crash

5.20.0 (17.11.2023)
Supported Video Motion banners in instreamAd
Improved error granularity
Added bundleid property to public banners
Fixed the audio session category. Added the ability to manually manage the category
Raised MyTrackerSDK version
Made a large number of fixes and improvements

5.19.0 (24.07.2023)
Raised the minimum iOS version to 12.4.
Added support for adChoises in VAST format.
Minor improvements and fixes.

5.18.0 (26.06.2023)
Added detailed information about ad loading errors. Now instead of error cause we return error model with error code. Also detailed error reasons.
Changed logic for shoppable ads click-through.
Minor improvements and fixes.

5.17.5 (23.05.2023)
Fixed deadlock when caching pictures.
Improved standard banners.
Added demo app on swiftUI.
Fixed bug in rendering carousel in native ads.
Improved ad visibility tracking.
Minor improvements and fixes.

5.17.4 (27.02.2023)
Fixed bug with picture caching.
Added feature for displaying AdChoices in InstreamAudioAds.
Fixed bug with image proportions in MediaView in native ads.
Improved ad visibility tracking.
Minor improvements and fixes.

5.17.3 (30.01.2023)
Fixed a bug with automatic installation of the AdChoices icon, which did not always install the icon.
Fixed a bug in the MTRGInstreamAd.videoSectionNames() method that did not always return the "midroll" section.
Minor improvements and fixes.

5.17.2 (15.12.2022)
Added display of ad ID in AdChoices menu with ability to copy it to clipboard.
Added ability to display discount size in custom carousel in native ads.
Minor improvements and fixes.

5.17.1 (01.12.2022)
Added ShoppableItems to instream ads.
Added ability to install SDK via Carthage.
Improved logging. You can now set customLogger and get the logging not only in the console.
Minor improvements and fixes.

5.17.0 (28.10.2022)
Made the demo application more convenient.
Added the ability to independently manage the adChoices button in native and native banner ads.
Added the ability to customize the menu for adChoices in native and native banner ads.
Added a notification about hiding ads when clicking on an option in the adChoices menu.
Added the ability to self-manage ad hiding when clicking on an option in the adChoices menu.
Minor improvements and fixes.

5.16.0 (16.09.2022)
Removed support for iOS 9.
Made the demo application more convenient.
Added the ability to display the adChoices button in InStream ads.
Added the ability to customize the menu for adChoices in InStream advertising.
Fixed resizing of adChoices for rectangular icons.
Minor improvements and fixes.

5.15.2 (01.06.2022)
Fixed a bug causing (in rare cases) a crash on iOS 10.
Improved video pausing (native ads) when fast scrolling the feed.
Improved ad visibility detection mechanism.

5.15.1 (24.03.2022)
Server address changed.
Added server address configuration functionality.
Improved work with cards.
Additional settings in the response are supported.
Improved SKAd error logging.
Improved work with audio session.

5.15.0 (01.02.2022)
Integrated Open Measurement SDK.
Improved performance of native advertising.
Improved work of standards.
Minor improvements and fixes.

5.14.4 (09.12.2021)
Updated myTarget icon.

5.14.3 (30.11.2021)
Fixed creation of elements from xibs.
Additional improvements have been made to MTRGAdView.
Changes have been made to sending custom parameters.

5.14.2 (29.10.2021)
Added sending myTracker ID.
Enabled Bitcode generation for simulators.

5.14.1 (08.10.2021)
Fixed a bug that caused some applications to crash.

5.14.0 (16.09.2021)
Transition to POST requests completed.
Added sending information about Viewport.
Updated version of myTracker.
Improved sending video statistics.
Changed the processing logic for midroll.

5.13.1 (06.09.2021)
Added the ability to customize sizes for MTRGPromoCardCollectionView.
Improved requests to /mobile/adcontext.
Improvements in perf logs.

5.13.0 (24.08.2021)
Added a description of the public API.
Added myTracker.
Minor edits have been made to Info.plist xcframework-а.
Added sending networkAdapterInvalid statistics.
Added sending performance metrics.
Added support mrc(false) statistics.
Fixed a bug causing the application to crash in rare cases.

5.12.1 (28.07.2021)
Added support AdChoices in fullscreens.
Added dependencies for SPM.
Minor improvements.

5.12.0 (01.07.2021)
Added support for SKAdNetwork 2.2 and 3.0.

5.11.2 (07.06.2021)
Fixed a bug that in rare cases led to an application crash during SDK auto-initialization.
Added the ability to log information during SDK auto-initialization.

5.11.1 (19.05.2021)
Server address changed.
Added handling of "src" in banners.

5.11.0 (04.16.2021)
Library format translated to .xcframework.
Added support for Swift Package Manager (SPM).

5.10.3 (02.04.2021)
Added check adnetwork_id in Info.plist.
Added AdChoices options to standards.
Minor improvements and fixes.

5.10.2 (26.03.2021)
Added the ability to set AdChoicesView
Multiple calls to load() are forbidden.

5.10.1 (02.03.2021)
The descriptionText property has been added to MTRGNativeBanner.
Minor fixes for the combination of mediation in native ads.

5.10.0 (19.02.2021)
Auto-initialization of sdk at application start to improve performance.
API trackLocationEnabled, withTestDevices moved to MTRGConfig.
The setDebugMode API has been moved to the MTRGManager.
Minor improvements.

5.9.11 (22.01.2021)
Minor fixes and improvements

5.9.10 (15.01.2021)
Added the ability to work with already loaded data in native ads.
Removed the InterstitialSlider format.
Improved logging.

5.9.9 (16.12.2020)
Fixed crashes when accessing keyboard languages.
Improved detection of rooted devices.

5.9.8 (11.12.2020)
Added the ability not to log errors.

5.9.7 (07.12.2020)
Added determination of whether the ringtone sound is enabled on the device.
Added the ability to set the text color depending on the theme in showcases.

5.9.6 (27.11.2020)
Added detection of free memory on the device.
Added detection of dark theme.
Added detection of used keyboard languages.
Discontinued support for displaying banners via adman.js.

5.9.5 (12.11.2020)
Support for Privacy Policy in native ads (icon i).
Fixed a rare crash (on iOS below 12.0) when accessing the battery status.

5.9.4 (03.11.2020)
Removed VAST parsing errors.

5.9.3 (19.10.2020)
Added definition of connection to CarPlay.
Added collection of information about the current battery status.
Added methods for getting extended information in InstreamAd.
Custom Close (mraid.useCustomClose()) is no longer supported in MRAID banners.

5.9.2 (06.10.2020)
Fixed a bug that caused MTRGAdView kept changing its size after calling MTRGAdView::setAdSize.

5.9.1 (01.10.2020)
Added support for "test mode".
Added customUserId in MTRGCustomParams.
Added instance_id in bidderToken.
Fixed a bug that caused the ability to re-play videos in reward-ax, received in VAST format from third-party DSP.
Fixed a bug, that sometimes leads to a crash when InterstitialAd is displayed on iOS 11/12.

5.9.0 (23.09.2020)
Added support for SKAdNetwork.
Added the ability to track asset loading in native ads and MTRGNativeAdMediaDelegate.
Added App Tracking Transparency status tracking.
Fixed a bug that could cause the app to crash when opening StoreKit.

5.8.0 (11.09.2020)
New API for Rewarded Ads - RewardedAd.
New adaptive banners instead formats 320h50 and 728x90.

5.7.5 (18.08.2020)
Minor improvements.

5.7.4 (12.08.2020)
Minor improvements.

5.7.3 (04.08.2020)
Minor improvements.

5.7.2 (16.07.2020)
Improved mediation for Native Banner format.

5.7.1 (08.07.2020)
Renamed the parameters for transmitting the user's gender and age.
The sdk version has been added to bidderToken generation.
Fixed imports .h files.

5.7.0 (03.07.2020)
Added support for mediation in Native Banner format.
Changed the set of data collected for GDPR consent.
Added support for CCPA and consent of the IAB.
Optimized working with bitmap in memory for InterstitialSliderAd.
CoreLocation is removed from dependencies.
Improved rendering of buttons in NativeAdView.

5.6.3 (22.06.2020)
Fixed a call to CTTelephonyNetworkInfo that could cause crashes on iOS 12.

5.6.2 (10.06.2020)
The way of accounting for impression metrics in VAST format has been changed.
Bugs fixed.

5.6.1 (04.06.2020)
Added a new impression tracking engine.
Added method for obtaining bidder token for server auction.

5.6.0 (13.05.2020)
Support content(playable) ads in native ads.
Fixed video statistics tracking in native ads.

5.5.2 (27.04.2020)
Improved errors handling in video-banners.

5.5.1 (09.04.2020)
Support IconAdView in mediation.

5.5.0 (01.04.2020)
Added new Native Banner format.
Refactoring of NativeAd: MediaAdView now is required, added IconAdView for icon, improved built-in visual components (NativeAdView and NativeBannerAdView).

5.4.10 (27.03.2020)
Added isClickable property to companion banners in in-stream ads.

5.4.9 (20.03.2020)
Support instance_id.
Removed ability to show interstitial ads in modal view (now only with ViewController).

5.4.8 (02.03.2020)
Support rewarded playable banners in interstitial ads.

5.4.7 (17.02.2020)
Support showing html-banners without js-wrapper.
Fixed errors.

5.4.6 (10.02.2020)
Added new design for carousel in interstitial ads.
Improved video playback in video-banners.
Fixed errors.

5.4.5 (25.12.2019)
Fixed errors while playing video banners.
Increased speed of ad requests.

5.4.4 (10.12.2019)
Fixed error while repeated show in interstitial ad.
MediaAdView.aspectRatio now return correct value even till media was loaded.

5.4.3 (05.12.2019)
Support promo endcards in interstitial video-banners.
Fixed close button behavior in rewarded video.
Fixed StoreKit on iOS<13.

5.4.2 (26.11.2019)
Added protection against simultaneous registration one view in different NativeAd instances.
Fixed volume on/off stats tracking in in-stream ad.
Added ability to handle clicks without UIViewController.

5.4.1 (08.11.2019)
Fixed errors in native ad.
Fixed setting volume in in-stream ad.

5.4.0 (23.10.2019)
Added new design for interstitial ads.
Added adSource field for formats with mediation.
Fixed error while reuse MediaAdView in native ad.

5.3.7 (11.10.2019)
Fixed errors in in-stream ad.
Small improvements in interstitial ad.

5.3.6 (19.09.2019)
Fixed StoreKit for iOS 13.

5.3.5 (02.09.2019)
Fixed errors.
Small improvements.

5.3.4 (21.08.2019)
Removed xCode warnings while compilation.
iOS 7-8 is no longer supported. Since this version minimum supported iOS is 9.0.

5.3.3 (10.07.2019)
Improved visibility tracking for banners.
Support iOS 13.

5.3.2 (21.06.2019)
Support domain in banners.

5.3.1 (17.06.2019)
Support ad networks priority and myTarget banner in mediation.

5.3.0 (05.06.2019)
Support mediation with third-party ads networks.
API changes:Added onAdShowWithAdView callback in MyTargetViewListener.
Added MTRGNativeAdContainer view which is required for display native ad.

5.2.1 (16.05.2019)
Support urlscheme deep links (in addition to universal links) in tracking links.
Improved MediaAdView's content scaling.

5.2.0 (19.04.2019)
Support MRAID-banners in 320x50, 300x250, 728x90 formats.
Fixed companions parsing from VAST wrapper in audio ad.

5.1.0 (03.04.2019)
Support html/mraid-endcards for interstitial video-banners.
Support VAST-companion (static and html) as endcards for interstitial VAST video-banners.

5.0.4 (20.03.2019)
Added InstreamResearch module.

5.0.3 (14.03.2019)
Fixed display error in WebView in 320x50 format.
Improvements in interstitial ad.

5.0.2 (01.03.2019)
Fixed error with carousel in native ad.
Fixed WebView crashes in 320x50 format.

5.0.1 (08.02.2019)
Mediation capability with Mopub SDK 5.5.0.

5.0.0 (07.02.2019)
Great refactoring of library code and build system.
Added viewability tracking of video-banners in native and interstitial formats.
Added smart cache for images in native ads.
API changes:Removed start/stop methods from MTRGAdView. Starting this version state changes automatically.

4.8.9 (24.12.2018)
Fixed default value of trackLocation parameter in NativeAdLoader.
Improved click handling in html-banners.

4.8.8 (05.12.2018)
Fixed rare KVO bug in video player.

4.8.7 (03.12.2018)
Fixed impression tracking in VAST video.

4.8.6 (13.11.2018)
Fixed check of banner display in Native ads loaded using NativeAdLoader.

4.8.5 (19.10.2018)
Fixed appearance of close button in rewarded video.

4.8.4 (04.10.2018)
Fixed errors.

4.8.3 (20.09.2018)
Workaround for calling openURL method in some rare cases.

4.8.2 (17.09.2018)
Fixed calling onLoad callback in MTRGAdView.
Fixed xCode warnings.
Improvements for AdChoices icon in native ads.

4.8.1 (07.09.2018)
Support AdChoices in native ads.
Added viewability settings in native ads.
API changes:Added adChoicesPlacement property in NativeAd.

4.8.0 (14.08.2018)
Support MRAID-banners in InterstitialAd.
Support loading banners by specific indentifier for s2s mediation.
Fixed some minor errors.

4.7.11 (20.07.2018)
Fixed handling clicks in html banners.

4.7.10 (28.06.2018)
Detecting jailbroken devices.

4.7.9 (22.05.2018)
Support GDPR.
Improved UI for video-banners in InterstitialAd.

4.7.8 (12.04.2018)
Fixed errors in native and interstitial cards.

4.7.7 (21.03.2018)
Fixed errors in native ad and 300x250 banners.

4.7.6 (13.03.2018)
Fixed errors in NativeAd and InterstitialAd.

4.7.5 (27.02.2018)
Improvements and fixes for InstreamAd.

4.7.4 (13.02.2018)
Fixed scroll in native ad carousel.

4.7.3 (31.01.2018)
Fixed error in looking for MediaAdView within NativeAd view.
Support multiple banners loading in native ads - NativeAdLoader.

4.7.2 (11.01.2018)
Fixed minor errors.
UI improvements.

4.7.0 (20.12.2017)
Support click areas.
Support cards and automatic loading images in MediaView.
Support iPhone X.

4.6.25 (08.12.2017)
Fixed StoreKit crash in landscape orientation on some devices.
Improvements in handling clicks for "install app" action.

4.6.24 (10.11.2017)
API changes:
Added optional callbacks for video playback in NativeAdDelegate.

4.6.23 (31.10.2017)
Support carousel in InterstitialAd.

4.6.22 (19.10.2017)
UI improvements.
Fixed warnings in Xcode 9.

4.6.21 (14.09.2017)
Improved html-banners support.

4.6.20 (25.08.2017)
Fixed errors.
Some improvements.

4.6.19 (28.07.2017)
Added loadingTimeout property for in-stream audio/video ads.
Improvements for carousel in NativeAd.

4.6.18 (20.07.2017)
Support HLS video.

4.6.17 (07.07.2017)
Support VAST video-banners in InterstitialAd.

4.6.16 (23.06.2017)
Support OVV/MRC visibility statistics for in-stream video.
Fixed errors while display video in native ads.

4.6.15 (08.06.2017)
Support native ads in Admob mediation.
Fixed errors in fullscreen slider.
API changes:
Added optional onAdShow callback in NativeAdDelegate.

4.6.14 (10.05.2017)
Fixed crash in SafariViewController.
Fixed duplicate symbols error in Linker.

4.6.13 (28.04.2017)
Fixed crash when try to open StoreKit controller without internet connection.

4.6.12 (28.04.2017)
Improved layout in fullscreen slider.
Fixed errors.

4.6.11 (14.04.2017)
Support html-banners in InterstitialAd.
Added ability to register list of visual components that can be clicked in NativeAd.
Fixed errors in working with StoreKit.
API changes:
Added registerView:withController:withClickableViews method in NativeAd.

4.6.10 (06.04.2017)
Support html-banners in 320x50, 300x250 and 728x90 formats.

4.6.9 (21.03.2017)
Fixed errors in fullscreen slider.

4.6.8 (17.03.2017)
Fixed errors.

4.6.7 (07.03.2017)
Fixed errors in audio ads.

4.6.6 (06.03.2017)
Fixed errors in working with CoreTelephony framework.
Some improvements.

4.6.5 (22.02.2017)
Support 728х90 format for banners.
Support autoloading video in NativeAd.
Fixed errors.
Minimum supported iOS version since now is 7.0.

4.6.4 (27.01.2017)
Support in-stream audio ads.
Support 300x250 format in Admob mediation.

4.6.3 (16.01.2017)
SFSafariViewController instead UIWebView.
Fixed errors in fullscreen slider.
ATS changes: starting at this version of SDK no any exceptions needed in App Transport Security.

4.6.2 (19.12.2016)
Support 300х250 format for banners.
Fixed errors while opening fullscreen video in NativeAd.

4.6.1 (07.12.2016)
Added support fullscreen slider format.

4.6.0 (23.11.2016)
Support carousel in NativeAd.
Fixed errors.

4.5.15 (16.11.2016)
Fixed pause/resume video banners in NativeAd.
Minor fixes in InterstitialAd.

4.5.14 (27.10.2016)
New InstreamAd API.

4.5.13 (25.10.2016)
Support Rewarded Video mediation with Admob and Mopub.
Fixed errors in native ad.

4.5.12 (13.10.2016)
Support video banners in native ad.
API changes:
Added component MTRGMediaAdView for display main image and video in native ad.

4.5.11 (28.09.2016)
Fixed errors on iOS 6.

4.5.9 (13.09.2016)
API changes:
Remove mistaken callbacks onShowModal, onDismissModal in MTRGInterstitialAd.

4.5.8 (07.09.2016)
API changes:
Support additional callbacks onShowModal, onDismissModal, onLeaveApplication in MTRGInterstitialAd.

4.5.7 (30.08.2016)
Support on/off sound for video-banners.

4.5.6 (19.08.2016)
Support NSURLSession on iOS>6.

4.5.5 (18.08.2016)
Fixed properties in built-in visual components for native ads.

4.5.4 (16.08.2016)
Support unrepeatable video banners in InterstitialAd.
API changes:Support additional callbacks onShowModal, onDismissModal, onLeaveApplication in MTRGNativeAd and MTRGAdView.

4.5.3 (25.07.2016)
myTarget SDK available through CocoaPods
API changes:
Single facade for native ads - MTRGNativeAd. (07.07.2016)Fixed error in click handler in NativeAd. (26.05.2016)New design for video banners in InterstitialAd.
Improvements and fixed erros.
API changes:
In MTRGInterstitialAdDelegate added method onDisplayWithInterstitialAd. (30.03.2016)AVPlayer instead MPMoviePlayer in video ads (add AVFoundation.framework to your project instead MediaPlayer.framework).
Fixed some errors in Admob mediation. (28.03.2016)Support native view for 320x50 banners.
Fixed errors in Mopub mediation. (29.02.2016)
New design for InterstitialAd banners.
Improvements in handling clicks - all links open inside application.
API changes:
Current ViewController is required for MTRGAdView instance. (24.02.2016)Fix bug with bitcode support (18.12.2015)Improvements in interstitial video ad.
Fixed errors. (15.12.2015)
Support mediation with Mopub SDK version 4.0 and higher. (09.11.2015)
Fixed layout in fullscreen banners. (09.10.2015)
SDK format changed: framework instead static library. (21.09.2015)
Support iOS 9 (App Thinning). (13.08.2015)
Support video banners in InterstitialAd.
API changes:
In MTRGInterstitialAdDelegate added method onVideoCompleteWithInterstitialAd - called for video banners if the user is completely wathced video. (15.07.2015)
Fixed "close" button position in InterstitialAd on iPhone 4s. (01.07.2015)
Support resizable banners in MTRGAdView. (17.06.2015)
Improve tracking impressions for NativeAd. (09.06.2015)
Fixed display NativeAdView
Improvement webview integration in 320x50 format.
API changes:
Controller moved from constructor to property in MTRGAdView (You need to set controller only if you want to open links inside application with handleLinksInApp=true). (28.05.2015)
"Age restrictions" block implemented in banners for InterstitialAd. (18.05.2015)
Fixed error in unregisterView method for NativeAd.
Library was renamed from myTargetSDK.a to libMyTargetSDK.a. (13.05.2015)
Added banner property for instances of NativeAd. (12.05.2015)
Fixed prefixes for some constants. (27.04.2015)
Close icon size fix for InterstitialAd.

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