Rules of Quick Sale Service provision

This document describes the rules of, conditions and procedure for providing the Quick Sale advertising service offered by myTarget service (the "Service"). The meanings of some of the terms used herein are disclosed in the License Agreement for Youla Service (available at and myTarget Service Offer (available at /doc/offer/).

1. The Service provision will be conditional upon the Seller reviewing and fully consenting to the terms and conditions of myTarget Service Offer (available at /doc/offer/).

2. The Service will be provided for a fee, implemented through the use of functional capabilities of myTarget Service and represent an increase in the number of Ad impressions as compared with the basic number of impressions available to the Seller when the Advertisement is placed via the Youla Service. The Service scope will depend on the tariff selected by the Seller and the functional capabilities of the Youla Service.

3. The Service will be provided through the use of Impressions at designated locations inside the Youla Service (the "Space" and "Impression Location," respectively). The Space selection will depend on the tariff plan selected by the Seller (i.e., the Advertisement author) in the Personal Account (on the Service activation page).

4. Possible Impression Locations will include the product feed (homepage of the website or a section in a separate product category on the website), as well as search results at the request of the Buyer that may be interested in purchasing the Product in whose respect the Service is activated.

5. The impression algorithm for the Advertisements in whose respect the Service is activated will be determined by myTarget service (/). Specifically, the audience to which Advertisements is shown will be determined based on the geo position, interests and purchase history of the Buyer viewing the Youla Service feed.

6. The frequency of Ad Impressions at the Impression Location will be determined by the Youla Service and may differ in the Youla application for mobile devices, on the website at and in the Youla application on the Odnoklassniki website (

7. The Service may only be available in respect of the Advertisements which fully conform to the Youla Service Rules available at and the requirements of applicable laws.

8. The Company will start rendering services to the Seller as soon as the Company receives payment for the Service in accordance with the tariff selected by the Seller and the Advertisement successfully passes moderation by the Youla Service.

9. As long as the Seller's Advertisement in whose respect the Service is activated remains inactive (due to a temporary blocking of the Advertisement or its unpublishing by the Seller), the Service provision will be suspended and resume after a reactivation of the Advertisement. Yet in any event the total period of Service provision, including the duration of blocking/unpublishing of the Advertisement by the Seller, will end once the product being advertised is sold, the Advertisement is unpublished and/or the already published Advertisement is modified (with regard to product category and/or region) and may not exceed 30 days from the Service activation.

10. In the event that the Advertisement is blocked by the Youla Service moderation due to its non-conformity to the Service Rules and/or the requirements of applicable laws, the Advertisement will be unpublished.

The scope and substance of the Service, as well as these Rules may be modified by the Company at any time without prior notice to the Seller, unless otherwise expressly provided in the applicable laws. Changes will come into force as from the date of publication of the restated Rules. The Seller undertakes to check these Rules on its own as to any amendments and supplements hereto.
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