Rules of Demonstrating Advertising Materials

1. Advertising materials shall be demonstrated in accordance with the settings of the Advertiser if it wins the auction.

2. The display of advertising materials in advertising spaces can be accompanied by the following mark: "myTarget", the myTarget icon, "Advertising". In view of the technical restrictions the mark may be reduced or may be absent.
myTarget icon
3. Advertising materials may contain images provided by the Advertiser, if they comply with the Moderation Rules and if the Advertiser is authorized to use them in advertising materials. For some technical reasons images in advertising materials may be displayed in part (in the cut form), may be covered by other elements of the advertising material or may be absent at all. The Advertiser agrees with it and assumes all guarantees and obligations specified in the Offer.

Company does not guarantee that any advertising material being demonstrated will be displayed with the image included in it. An advertising material shall be deemed to have been duly demonstrated (in accordance with the materials and information provided by the Advertiser and conditions of placement set by it) irrespective of the image chosen by the Advertiser being shown in the advertising material.
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