Certified platforms

Targeted ads platform that allows you to manage both agency and client accounts. The campaign management in the platform is rule-based, enabling you to create customized advertising strategies according to your post-click data. The certified platform has a golden status within myTarget.

Adapted ads management system that enables you to deploy most sophisticated advertising strategies in myTarget within all VK projects ads space. The platform is multilingual and helps Russian agencies acquire and serve foreign clients. The platform's certification center also offers myTarget trainings and educates more than 50 specialists monthly.

myTarget ads management platform that allows simultaneously creating hundreds of campaigns with sophisticated targetings (via Excel or browser), easily manage bids on multiple campaigns at once, build your own API etc. Atuko adapts for any postback format and is fully integrated with Google Analytics. The platform also provides technical support team to assist every client.

How to get started
You may use any of the listed platforms. To get started just visit the partner's website and register. The detailed information about the pricings and business terms can be found on the respective websites.
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