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Square video (type: Video, objective: App Installs)

Device type: mobile format
Platform: social networks,, advertising network myTarget
Placement: feed, rewarded, interstitial

Advertising format with video for mobile app promotion on and

The format allows you to place clips of up to 30 seconds with titles and a short description that are automatically played in the news feed. Advertisers can upload square videos (we recommend up to 15 seconds), which makes the ad unit one third larger. We also recommend showing the application interface and the advertised brand. The "install" button will be available in the video, leading to the application page in the App Store or Google Play.

By choosing a video format for promotion, an advertiser can visualize the benefits of a game or other application, which provides high results in terms of audience engagement. The effectiveness of advertising is manifested not only in the growth in the number of installations, but also in the further behavior of users within applications.

Placement options:
  • in the social media feed
  • Rewarded Video — a full-screen video clip for viewing which users receive rewards in the game or app: virtual currency, game items, exclusive materials, paid content, and more. The format has proven to be one of the best for promoting mobile games. In this case, the user chooses whether to view the video or not.
  • Interstitial Video — also a full-screen ad that is played inside the mobile app before the content is uploaded or when it is changed.
Externally, Rewarded and Interstitial video look the same, but in Interstitial, a cross appears in 5 seconds after the start of the video to close the video. Watch an example video

To specify the placement option, select the Application Settings / Conversions goal in the mobile application → "Square Video" ad format and tick off the necessary options.


  • title - up to 25 characters;
  • ad text - up to 90 characters;
  • application icon - image of 100x100 pixels in JPG / PNG,
  • video cover - 600x600 pixels image, file weight - not more than 150 Kb, JPG, PNG format;
  • link to the mobile application from the App Store or Google Play online stores;
  • video: no longer than 30 seconds; maximum size - 90 mb, video resolution from 600x600.

Video format:

  • MP4 (MPEG-4): H.264 video codecs, audio codec - AAC.
  • The video should not mislead the user, that is, it can not contain buttons, duplicate services and other elements.
  • The video should work correctly in browsers: IE 10+, Firefox 14+, Safari 5+, Chrome 18+
Example Square video in OK app
Example Square Rewarded / Interstitial video
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