Promotion Rules
10% bonus reward for banner advertising

These rules of the 10% bonus reward for banner advertising promotion (the "Rules" and the "Promotion", respectively), are available online at /pro/ (the "Website") and constitute an agreement (the "Agreement") between you, the customer of myTarget advertising services (the "Advertiser"), and Mail.Ru LLC registered at 39 Leningradsky Ave., Moscow, 125167, OGRN: 1027739850962, INN: 7743001840 (the "Arranger"), that governs the terms of the Promotion.
0. Terms and Definitions
Participant means an Advertiser who accepted the terms of these Rules.

Service means myTarget advertising platform with its official webpage at /, including the Participant's advertiser account (the "Advertiser Account").

Unfair Advantage means the result of improper, unfair and/or other actions aimed at gaining advantage in the Promotion by means of deception, forgery, blackmailing, coercion, abuse, illegal obtaining of information, access to data and/or noncompliance with the terms and conditions of these Rules, including via the use of any hardware/software which is not covered by the Service and via taking advantage of any hardware/software or other vulnerabilities of the Service which make such actions possible. Such actions include without limitation modifying the code of the Service, gaining illegal access to the Service data (hacking), and other means of gaining an Unfair Advantage.

Discount means the Participant's discount for advertising through the Service. Discounts are calculated in accordance with Clause 1.5 of these Rules.

For the purpose of the Promotion and application of the Discount, the Parties agree to apply the following pattern of displaying Discount-related information in the Advertiser Account:
a) bonuses (accounting units) accrued in accordance with Clauses 1.5–1.6 of these Rules are displayed in the Advertiser Account.
b) the bonus amount corresponds to the Discount for advertising through the Service.

Banner Format means the advertising format where an animated element is shown (the "Banner").

Banner formats are: 240х400, 100х200, 100х250, 300х300, 300х250, 230х150, 592x144, 240х100, 500x200.

For more information regarding the Banner Format, see /help/advertisers/adformatbannerhtml5/ru

By selecting the Banner Format, the Participant accepts these Rules and becomes a Participant in the Promotion.

Acceptance of the Rules constitutes:
  • the Participant's full and unconditional consent to the terms and conditions of these Rules;
  • the Participant's representation that they are legally capable and have reached the required age to enter into transactions under this Agreement in accordance with the Russian laws;
  • the Participant's representation that they accept these Rules on their own behalf.
1. General
1.1. These Rules define the Promotion as an Arranger's advertising/marketing event in the Service in Russia during which a Participant is entitled to a Discount on advertising services during the Promotion period.

At the same time:
  • The Participant shall not pay any fees for participating in the Promotion, including indirectly by purchasing any goods/services.
  • The Discount shall be provided to the Participant only for mobile app advertising campaigns.
  • The Participant may use the Discount after the expiry of the Promotion Period but no later than December 31, 2022.

1.2. The Purpose of the Promotion is to advertise/promote the Advertised Items.

1.3. The Promotion is neither an incentive nor a lottery.

1.4. Advertised Items:
  • myTarget.

1.5. Discount Rules:
  • The Discount includes bonuses of 10% of the advertising services (after applicable taxes and fees) paid by the Participant during the Promotion Period in one of the Service currencies.
  • The Discount shall be provided only if the Participant has selected the Banner Format in the Advertiser Account prior to the launch of the advertising campaign.
  • The Discount shall be provided by a one-off refund to the Participant's Advertiser Account before January 20, 2022.
  • If the Participant is an advertising agency, the Discount shall be used solely in relation to the agency's general account.
  • The discount can be applied when paying for a new ad campaign or an ad campaign that has been launched before the Promotion Period, provided that the terms and conditions of these Rules have been fulfilled.
  • The terms of the promotion shall not be applicable to the Banner subformat of the Multi-format Format.
  • Other terms of use of the Banner Format are available at /help/advertisers/adformatbannerhtml5/ru.

1.6. The maximum total amount of the Discount available to the Participant during the Promotion Period shall not exceed one million (1,000,000) bonuses if the advertising services were paid for in RUB. If a different currency is used to pay for advertising, the maximum amount of the Discount shall not exceed one million (1,000,000) bonuses, and to calculate the Discount, the cost of services shall be converted into RUB at the Bank of Russia rate for the respective currency in effect on the first day of the month following the month of the advertising campaign.

When a Participant reaches the abovementioned amount of the Discount, the Arranger terminates the Promotion for such Participant.
2. Terms and Conditions of the Promotion
2.1. The Promotion will last from November 25, 2021 (12:00 am) to December 31, 2021 (11:59 pm) (Moscow time).

2.2. The Arranger reserves the right to change the general Promotion Period at its sole discretion.

2.3. The Arranger may at its sole discretion, without giving reasons, and at any time exclude the following persons from the Promotion:
  • Participants suspected by the Arranger of gaining or attempting to gain an Unfair Advantage or of any other bad faith activities;
  • Participants violating other provisions of these Rules;
  • Participants failing to meet the requirements for Participants provided for by these Rules.

2.4. The Discount is not transferrable to any other persons. The savings from the Discount and bonuses may not be exchanged for cash equivalents or withdrawn from the Participant's account. Bonuses are not a currency or means of payment, but are solely a visual representation of the Discount.
3. Rights and Obligations of the Participant and the Arranger
3.1. The Participant may:
  • read these Rules;
  • take part in the Promotion in the manner set out in these Rules.

3.2. The Participant shall:
  • comply with any and all requirements, whether express or implied, applicable to the Participant under these Rules and the Offer, and the applicable laws of the Russian Federation:
  • perform any and all obligations of the Participant, whether express or implied, under these Rules.

3.3. The Arranger may:
  • refrain from any written negotiations or other contacts with Participants save as set out in these Rules or required by the applicable laws of the Russian Federation;
  • deny the Discount to any Participant who has failed to comply with and/or violated these Rules, and also to the extent provided for in these Rules;
  • suspend the Participant from taking part in the Promotion at any stage thereof if the Participant (or any third party directly or indirectly instructed by the Participant) is suspected to gain and/or attempt to gain an Unfair Advantage in the course of the Promotion.

3.4. The Arranger shall:
arrange the Promotion in accordance with these Rules.
4. Force Majeure
4.1. Should any circumstances beyond control of the Arranger arise and such circumstances are unexpected or extraordinary (fire, flood, natural disaster, web server attack, strike, etc.) and compromise financial or technical feasibility of the Promotion even if such circumstances occur through the fault of the Arranger (provided the Arranger performs its obligations in good faith), the Arranger reserves the right to cancel the Promotion or any part thereof. If the Promotion is canceled, the Participants shall not be entitled to any compensation (including reimbursement for losses) whatsoever.
5. Miscellaneous
5.1. Participation in the Promotion implies that the Participant has read and agreed with these Rules. By taking part in the Promotion, the Participant confirms that they have read these Rules and agreed with the terms and conditions hereof.

5.2. While taking part in the Promotion, the Participants shall not violate any rights of third parties and shall comply with the applicable laws of the Russian Federation.

5.3. The Arranger shall not be held liable for any malfunctions of the Advertiser Account or the Service if such malfunctions occur through no fault of the Arranger or through acts/omissions of Russian executive authorities.

5.4. If any part of the Promotion cannot be carried out as planned for any reason, including illegal acts of third parties towards hardware and software infrastructure of the Arranger and/or any third parties engaged by the Arranger to carry out the Promotion such as, inter alia, computer virus infection, network attacks, malfunctions of the Internet, as well as defects, interference, unauthorized access, falsification, technical issues or any circumstances that are beyond control of the Arranger and disrupt or affect the execution, security, fairness, integrity, or proper performance of the Promotion, the Arranger may, at its sole discretion, suspend and/or cancel the Promotion.

5.5. Each Participant shall bear all the expenses, if any, incurred by them in connection with the Promotion.

5.6. All disputes arising out of or in connection with the Promotion shall be settled in accordance with the applicable laws of the Russian Federation at the location of the Arranger's registered office unless otherwise stipulated by the Russian laws.

5.7. The Arranger may, from time to time, amend or modify these Rules at its sole discretion or cancel the Promotion prior to its expiry. To inform the Participants of the amendments or modifications, the Arranger shall publish the updated Rules on the Service platform on the Internet and replace the previous version of the Rules. The updated Rules shall take effect immediately after publication unless expressly otherwise provided for by these Rules or the Russian laws.

5.8. The Arranger shall not reimburse the Participants for any profit lost by the Participants in connection with the Promotion.

5.9. Should any provision of these Rules become invalid or unenforceable by court ruling, this shall not affect the validity or enforceability of any other provision of these Rules.
Version dated November 25, 2021